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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Berryz 20th Single "Seishun Bus Guide" PV !!!!

Posted by Annie at 3:19 PM
the pv for berryz 20th single finally came out XD, at first i didn't like it much but after watching the pv so many times, i decided i like it, the pv is very fun to watch! and all the girls look super beautiful in the pv, i love them dressed as boys specially momoko, she makes a really cute boy <3, saki is really cute as a boy too.The dance shot outfits are very weird but i love those shorts i can enjoy chinami's legs more <3 chii looks so delicious in that weird blue outfit, everybody looks very skinny in the dance shot, but they do look sexy and for the first time ever i think risako is sexy not just cute, i like her a lot in this video. And for the close up version i like massa the most she is becoming so beautiful. I think berryz playing guys in love with a girl is really funny to me, and they don't know how to act like boys, but that just makes it more cute. My dear miyabi melts me with that boy look <3 and i can't forget to say that yurina is looking more beautiful everyday, she is the most beautiful one in this pv <3

Download PV

i'll make gifs too so please look forward to that!

I made lots of caps of this pv!

starting with chinami's melting smile <3


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